Light Field Blender

透過型のLight Fieldディスプレイ。DCRAを用いることで、視野角を損ねずに透過性を保つことに成功しました。Ars Electronica 2017で実機のデモ展示を行いました。SIGGRAPH Asia 2017で口頭発表を行いました。

We propose a novel head-mounted display (HMD) design for near-eye light field display which achieves a see-through and wide field of view for augmented reality. We use a transmissive mirror device (TMD) instead of conventional optical elements. A TMD consists of numerous micro-mirrors and is usually used for real imaging system in the mid-air. We construct a prototype see-through display including a fabricated HMD. We verify the design of our prototype using simulations and experiments, and further discuss the challenges in building a novel near-eye, see-through display.