Optical Cloaking Display

鏡のみで構成される面対象光学系を組み合わせることによって、視点移動可能・全波長対応・能動光学素子不要・隠蔽領域の大型化を達成する光学迷彩 (透明マント) を開発しました。

In the graphics research context, optical cloaking that hides an object by relaying a light field is also a kind of display. Despite much interest in the cloaking, large-size cloaking has not been achieved without some limitations and/or assumptions. To solve this problem, a computational design method is proposed for an optical cloaking display via viewpoint transformation. The method uses two kinds of passive optical elements that transfer a point into a plane symmetric point. In the experiments, a novel passive display was developed that optically cloaks the object and transmits a light field properly. Experimental results for the multiviewpoint scene that was captured are presented.